Helping to create self-empowering leadership models within the workplace, we create new levels of empathy, appreciation, social and emotional intelligence.

Transformative Leadership Tools include activities, one-on-one coaching, self assessment, feedback, listening and communication tools to lead and motivate in ways that are genuine to the leader and to the team. We teach new ways to leverage vulnerability, confront personal fears and extend trust to galvanize teams and reach performance goals in ways previously believed to be impossible.

The Inside-Out Leadership Workshop provides solutions that are essential for creating new possibilities for leadership through self-reinvention, and for reinforcing behaviors key to successful leadership models including trust, motivation, empowerment, diversity, cross cultural competency, employee and personal development.

Cross Cultural Leadership Workshops are our traditional workshops with focus on the complexities of leading business initiatives across multiple cultures. We do not espouse theory. Our tools and trainings are based upon direct experience working in key markets including China, Ireland, Turkey, Norway, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Malaysia, The Bahamas, Spain, Canada, and in 43 States.

Blind Spots are a critical challenge to leadership. We work with  leaders to take them beyond their comfort zones to understand and assess how their blind spots impact their decision making and relationships. We develop ways to work with blind spots as  opportunities to increase leadership effectiveness.



Training tools, insight, and professional services that enable trainers to not only deliver the message but to inspire, motivate, create buy-in and generate performance breakthroughs.

Present Like a Pro Workshop is a one or multiple day program on game-changing presentation and facilitation techniques that inspire learning and justify commitment. Jim Smith, Jr. International offers new approaches to delivering leading presentations that captivate audiences and communicate key takeaways. By combining proven practices for accelerated learning with the art of storytelling, we help to develop the skills to communicate the message and develop buy in with participants. We also teach ways to connect with any audience, and to work with difficult participants.

Crash and Learn: 600+ Road-Tested Tips to Keep Audiences Fired Up and Engaged Workshop provides key insights into mistakes and behaviors that can demotivate participants and create resistance. Customized programs highlight specific scenarios and help both new and experienced presenters and trainers to continually innovate and build upon their presentation and facilitation techniques.

A combined approach of hands on instruction, with built-in moments of discovery, reinforcement and informative readings including Jimʼs book Crash and Learn, helps make this seminar a phenomenal way to deliver a higher level of presentation. Key areas include:

  • Ways to create an empowering learning environment
  • Understanding underlying reasons for mistakes
  • Developing crucial presentation skills and techniques
  • Self Evaluation and tools for continuous improvement

Crash and Learn moves beyond solely teaching content, to contextualizing the process of learning, inspiring through story telling and captivating the learnerʼs imagination to present content in ways that deliver results.

Jim Smith, Jr. International BOOT CAMP is a transformative one or two day event that creates training and facilitation performance breakthroughs for teams and individuals. Through powerful leadership tools and presentation techniques, participants are trained in the Jim Smith, Jr. International method of maximizing knowledge retention through dynamic participant-centered presentation and facilitation skills, personal power, and “be-the-story!” storytelling techniques.

Beyond the Next Level: Advanced Presentation Skills transforms facilitation into an opportunity for dynamic storytelling and personal power. Many trainers believe that there is a level that they have not yet reached. This workshop is designed to create performance breakthroughs, through self-introspection, and new levels of engagement with the audience through the seven principles of breakthrough performance including intuition, connectedness, energy, humility, enthusiasm, leadership and showmanship.


Fostering Cultures of Inclusion is a highly interactive workshop that provides participants the opportunity to overcome the limiting notions of mainstream diversity and to celebrate themselves and others for the unique contributions that they bring. This workshop focuses on key objectives such as exploring how diversity impacts the bottom line and understanding how demographic changes within the workplace influence internal and external interactions. We seek to increase the understanding of diversity and empathy to provide new opportunities for growth and development.

Restoring Trust and Confidence: How to Recover from Diversity Foot in the Mouth Mutual understanding and appreciation creates opportunities for diverse teams to reach new levels of success, however diversity-related communication mishaps destroy trust and confidence. This workshop provides the tools to make a successful recovery by using mistakes as opportunities to build greater levels of trust. We address key aspects such as ways to personally recover from inappropriate comments, overcoming the fear factor of difficult conversations, reestablishing productive relationships through empathy, and creative techniques to build cultures of appreciation and inclusion.

Transformational Diversity Training Techniques is designed to empower trainers, leaders and others who lead diversity initiatives in their organizations. This program provides key strategies to engage, inspire and create buy-in with participants. We provide techniques to deliver your session with power and purpose, effectively engage reluctant learners and difficult participants, build an environment of safety and trust, and successfully interact with participants one-on-one.


Vital Components of Team Building is a workshop that teaches the art and science of building successful teams. Through hands on exercises and activities, participants experience teamwork at its best and most challenging including making oneself vulnerable to establish trust, celebrating diversity, effective communication, motivating others and other critical leadership techniques.

Coaching from the Inside-Out provides critical leadership practices and multicultural communication skills for executives to succeed and support and coach their team members in the long term. This workshop is designed to help participants refine their personal vision of leadership. This workshop catalyzes a call to action by providing an opportunity for mindset shifts, behavior modifications and a customized action plan to adapt to constant change, maximize productivity and reach new levels of success.


From Average to Awesome, based upon Jimʼs bestselling book of the same name, this workshop provides key insights on how to live with a renewed sense of passion, power and purpose. The session includes key highlights such as strategies to recover from setbacks, methods for self-reinvention, succeeding in the midst of fear, exceeding the expectations of others, methods for connecting with others and ways to take care of oneself for the longterm.

The No Excuses Workshop enables participants to turn excuses into opportunities for performance breakthroughs that are driven by personal power and responsibility. Through techniques that empower the individual to take ownership for tangible outcomes, we help to create new levels of personal accountability for our success.


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