Jim’s Journal: What Are You Looking For?

July 30, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Last week, I spoke at the 2013 National Urban League Conference in Philadelphia. During my “Career Day” presentation I asked the group, “How many of you are looking for a
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Jim’s Journal: One Mississippi…

July 29, 2013 in Jim's Journal

When you ask a question, WAIT for the answer. If you struggle with this, then count 10 Mississippi. I’ve seen a number of trainers ask a question and answer it
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Jim’s Journal: Go Philly!

July 28, 2013 in Jim's Journal

I’m a Philadelphia sports fan and I’m proud of it. People around the world call us tough, insensitive, unflappable, mean-spirited, zealous and hard to please. I disagree. I call us
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Jim’s Journal: Thank Them, Don’t Blame Them

July 25, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Sent any “thank you” cards lately? Why don’t you send one to: The people who have been honest with you…. The people who have held you accountable… The people who
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Jim’s Journal: How Can You Not Hear Yourself?

July 24, 2013 in Jim's Journal

When I began to write this journal entry my intent was to send a message solely to trainers, speakers and facilitators. However, I believe this entry is one that everyone
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Jim’s Journal: What Made This Time Different?

July 23, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Why did you get “it” this time? You’ve been told the same thing a number of times, but this time you got it. You had a light bulb moment. You
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Jim’s Journal: Too Close for Comfort

July 22, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Most people have a desire to be liked. Many, at a deeper subconscious level, want to feel needed. Others evolve into people pleasers – putting everyone’s happiness before their own.
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Jim’s Journal: What’s Your Major?

July 22, 2013 in Jim's Journal

My good friend, Pluria, likes to say, when he believes someone’s focus is off base, “You’re majoring in the minors.” When I first heard him use this phrase, I immediately
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Jim’s Journal: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

July 18, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Why is it that we can find fault in others but cannot see our own “stuff”? I like to say that people have Ph.D.’s in your business but need tutoring
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Jim’s Journal: Is That It?

July 17, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Have you ever gone to a show, concert, movie and/or musical, and left feeling and saying, “Is that it?“, “I paid for that?” or “I got ripped off!” Well that’s
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