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No Matter What Your Boss – Or Life – Throws At You

By Jim “Mr. Energy” Smith, Jr.
Price: $14.99 plus S/H

Almost everyone is guilty of playing the blame game. It’s satisfying and easy to do. If we despise our work, we can blame our manager or even our short-sighted organization for its inability to recognize our genius. If our personal lives are a disaster, we can blame our spouses, partners, the economy, or even our ancestors.

We all know on some level that we are pointing our fingers in the wrong direction, but we just can’t seem to help ourselves.

The No Excuse Guide to Success shows you how to abandon this unworkable routine and stop the destructive pattern of making excuses and blaming others–to stop whining and start winning.

The No Excuse Guide to Success gives you the tools and techniques you need to:

  • Make life-altering changes in how you approach your career and your life
  • Stop blaming others and start believing in yourself
  • Own your choices and break down self-created barriers to success
  • Embrace uncertainty and stop being afraid to win


PLUS: Bestsellers from Jim Smith, Jr.

Lessons for Living an Extraordinary Life

By Jim Smith, Jr.
Foreword by Les Brown
Price: $18.95 plus S/H

Ever wish you had your own personal career and life coach, giving you advice and cheering you on? Now you do!

Jim Smith, Jr.’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Catch them—and enjoy your own journey From Average to Awesome.

Start reading at any point because, like success, getting to awesome is not a linear step-by-step process. Dozens of uplifting, true-life stories tell how others have catapulted themselves from mediocrity to stellar achievement—despite long odds. Each chapter ends with a self-quiz to help you reflect upon your own situation, rate your level of awesomeness, and move forward.



By Jim Smith, Jr.
Price: $19.95 plus S/H

For every trainer, presenter, or facilitator who has ever “lost” an audience, CRASH AND LEARN is for you. From audience motivation, to honing storytelling skills, to the simple act of setting chairs in a room for maximum impact, author Jim Smith, Jr. presents hundreds of road tested gems of wisdom that will help any trainer, presenter, or facilitator become more polished, powerful, and effective.



By Jim Smith, Jr., Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, John Christensen, and others
Price: $19.95 plus S/H

They’ve written some of the most widely read business books in the modern era and offer their business expertise to corporations and associations around the world. Now, you can tap into their minds and hearts in this edition of The Masters of Success.

What does it take to be a master of success? How is success defined? Inside this book you will find more than one answer to both of these questions as well as tips and ideas on how you can be a success in your own life.

In the fast-paced business world of today, successful people face challenges that did not exist in year past. The Masters of Success contains conversations with several fascinating entrepreneurs who will give you inside information about how they have faced those challenges and persevered to become masters of success. You will learn how common sense can sometimes be more important than costly college degrees.

The Masters of Success presents tips, techniques, stories and illustrations in an interesting conversational style that will help you think “outside the box” and enable you to live your life in such a way that will make a difference and help you be a master of success.



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