Are you ready?…

  • To move learners toward tangible results and increased performance?
  • To make all of your meetings and presentations ROCK?
  • To determine if you consistently display leadership during your sessions?
  • To create high energy, electric workshops?
  • To put an end to “Death by PowerPoint?
  • To connect with both the head and the heart of your learners?
  • To perfect ways to design your presentations to ensure your participants will not want to sleep, shout or sneak out?
  • To be a phenomenal storyteller?

Ready, Set, Go!

So, you’ve attended other training designs/workshops and you’ve had mixed reactions, right? That won’t be the case with Jim Smith, Jr. International BOOT CAMPS. By attending this workshop, you’ll “stuff” your training/facilitating toolbox with the best tools imaginable.

Join us for this special two-day workshop to experience the high-impact, results oriented, participant-driven approach of Jim Smith, Jr. International training.  Your presentations, your workshops, your meetings, and your life will never the same. We’ll help you take your sessions to levels you’ve never experienced before, as we challenge you to: 1) tap into your creativity; 2) settle for nothing less than outstanding; 3) get out of your own way; 4) create tons of discovery moments for your learners; and 5) be a superior trainer, facilitator and/or meeting leader. The session leader, Jim Smith, Jr. is one of the most energetic and passionate speakers to come along in recent time. He connects and bonds with his audiences, encouraging them and challenging them to be outstanding.

Are you a superior trainer, facilitator and/or meeting leader?

If not, but you’d like to be, this workshop is for you! During this two-day, high-energy session you will learn participant-driven training and facilitation techniques, adult learning theories, trainer leadership, proven practices for accelerated learning, group responsibility and learner retention. Participants also learn and practice methods for opening,closing, reviewing and revisiting content and re-energizing their workshops. Creating an empowering and electric learning environment, dealing successfully with difficult participants (including management), applying application methods and installing pre and post session activities are also reviewed and applied.

Jim Smith, Jr. International BOOT CAMPS provide the Plus! Our proven methods for professional and personal development training, facilitation and skill building will create an exciting, learning and motivational environment where you can examine your current situation and develop action strategies and goals for tomorrow.  We create discovery moments before, during and after the workshop.  We strive for transfer of training.  This helps us to help you to achieve the organizational and departmental outcomes and behavioral results you seek.  We’re very concerned with what occurs after the training.  We want you to have a significant return on your investment.

This workshop is designed for new and experienced trainers, meeting facilitators, consultants, managers of training personnel or any in your organization (e.g., sales and district managers, subject matter experts, and leaders at all organizational levels) who are interested in developing techniques to improve their training methods, presentation skills and meeting facilitation techniques.

Upon completion of the Jim Smith, Jr. International BOOT CAMP workshop, participants will be well on their way to helping individuals reach their potential, improve performance and enhance organizational results.

What you’ll learn:

  • Participant-Driven Training Tips
  • Openers
  • Adult Learning (Learner Retention)
  • Jim’s Training Gems
  • Methods to Make Your Sessions Memorable
  • Powerful Presentation Skill Pointers
  • Be-The-Story Storytelling Tips
  • The Review Process
  • Sneaky Reviews
  • Personal Power Tools and Enrichment
  • Motivating Your Learners
  • Content and Material Preparation & Organization
  • Creating an Empowering Learning Environment
  • Trainer, Presenter and Facilitator Mistakes
  • Training Tools
  • Handling Difficult Participants
  • Visual Aids
  • Distance Learning Facilitation Tips

Contact us to speak with a Session Coordinator and schedule your attendance at one of our BOOT CAMPS today.

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