You Gotta Love that Feeling!

December 17, 2014 in Jim's Journal

If you’ve ever worked out, after a long layoff, you are terribly sore the next day.  If you’ve ever lifted weights, after having not done so for a long time, you feel like your arms are capellini within 24 hours.  If you’ve ever walked or jogged a long distance after months of inactivity your legs want to avoid steps the next day.  In all of these instances we have that sore feeling the next day.  Some of us avoid the painful activity for another 100 months, but others keep going.  Why?  They grow to love that “feeling” and eventually that “feeling” eventually goes away.  This metaphor pertains to everyday living too.  We abstain from what stretches us or gives us discomfort (yes, we love our comfort zone and our box).  Andy Andrews in his book, The Seven Decisions, writes:

“Our tendency is to try something a few times, and if it works, it gets reinforced, and we continue to do it; if it doesn’t work, we abandon it.  In psychology this is called the law of effects – we tend to keep doing things we are rewarded for doing.  The opposite, however, is also true: we tend to avoid what punishes us or gives us pain.”

Going forward, go find your “feeling!”  You can even start a “painment” plan!

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