Words Really Do Matter!

December 25, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Enjoyed your Christmas? Did your chestnuts roast on an open fire? How about Jack Frost? Did he nip at your nose? Spend time with family and friends? Or did you spend your time wanting to hit your family and friends over the head with a pillow (or baseball bat)? Exchanged gifts? I bet everyone rushed to the presents, boxes and packages first and opened the cards last. That’s always the case. I bet that some of your guests left, leaving their cards behind. What a shame! The cards are so powerful! They provide the words, phrases and thoughts that cement the moment and cement their feelings. I keep my cards. I have a box that has cards, thank you notes and printed emails of appreciation. Words do mean a lot to me. Before the weekend is over go reread you cards. Read them slowly. Think about the person who gave it to you. Know that they took their time deciding what card was best for you. Gifts are nice, but words last forever! Just sayin’.

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