This Stuff Really Works!

December 2, 2014 in Jim's Journal

I’m a believer!  I believe that thoughts become things.  I believe that what you focus on grows.  I believe in the law of attraction.  And I believe that energy and action follow thought.  My beliefs were put to the test on Sunday.  I flew to Orlando, heading to my first ever company-sponsored, personal power cruise to the Bahamas.  After deplaning, I went to the bathroom.  Next, I headed to baggage claim to retrieve my luggage.  My bags came out pretty quickly and I called the car service to let them know that I was ready.  When I reached for my brief case to take a look at my itinerary I realized that I had left it in the bathroom.  Aaarrrgghhh!!!  In order I had to: go to ticketing to get a temporary gate pass; go through a very long security line again (it was Thanksgiving Sunday which meant quadruple the traffic); take the train back to the terminal; and return to the bathroom.  The entire time I went through this saga, I believed that my brief case was going to be right where I left it – AND IT WAS!  What do you have to start thinking differently about?  Where do you need a mindset shift?  What gets your mind gets you!

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