Still Waiting for Lamont?

December 22, 2014 in Jim's Journal

I mentioned in previous journals that when I was growing up in West Philadelphia in the 70s, I played little league baseball. I was an extremely proud member of the Jayhawks, coached by Mr. Sam “Drill Sergeant Tough” Gallman. I was 11 years old when I first put on my number 27. Our pre-game ritual was always the same. Take batting practice and fielding practice and hope that Lamont Johnson would come. Lamont was our best hitter. His birth certificate said he was 12 years old yet, he was much bigger and much stronger than everyone else. And he even grew a mustache before everyone else. Our confidence always skyrocketed when we saw Lamont approaching the field on his bike. If you looked at my face when I saw Hercules approaching you knew what I was thinking, “Great, Lamont is here – now we’re going to kick some butt!” Those were the good old days, but now my confidence comes from within. How about you? Do you derive your positive outlook and spirit from others or have you realized that strength, self-esteem and courage come from within? Success is an inside job! Become your own Lamont!

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