Still Hungry?!

December 1, 2014 in Jim's Journal

If you’re like me and you grew up eating chicken, steak, ribs and pork chops someone, at some point, said to you, “You left a lot of meat on that bone.”  That was code for “you didn’t put a hurtin’ on that piece of meat.”  I think we can apply that same thinking to life in general.  To me “eating all of the meat on the bone” means going “all in.”  Whether it’s in our job, our relationship, our family life or even during a presentation, more and more I’m beginning to believe that we have to do a better job of eating the meat – and everything else on our plate.  Others can see, and feel, if we’re going “all in” or not because they’ve experienced us at our best before.  Stop settling for second.  Abandon being OK with “all right.”  Get some good utensils (i.e., tools) and start putting “ALL OF YOU” into everything that you do!  Unless, of course, you’re on a “life diet.”

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