Remember Me?

December 15, 2014 in Jim Bag Blog

I met Matt Paul, for the first time, last Friday in Starbucks.  I’m not a coffee drinker (as a matter of fact neither one of us ordered anything).  We met there because it was in a convenient location and we thought that we would have some semblance of quiet.  If our meeting was given a movie title it would have been called, “Iron Sharpening Iron.”  Matt, through his company Matt Paul Sports, is in the business of building confident kids.  Transforming people is my full-time occupation too.  My good friend Jim Brown arranged the meeting and we took it from there.  Fireworks were coming from our front-of-the-room, window seats.  We listened.  We shared.  We praised.  We polished.  Seventy-five minutes sprinted by.  Toward the end of our meeting Matt asked one final time, “Where could you use some help?”  I said, “Product development; I want to create DVDs, CDs, audio learning devices and my own app. to go with what I already have.”  Then he threw me a Mone Davis curveball by asking, “How long have you been thinking about that?”  I confessed, “For some time now.”  “What’s the problem,” he continued.  “I’ve be spending my time doing other things – speaking, training, writing, traveling and the like,” I offered up as my excuse (yes, Mr. No Excuses felt the excuse coming out of his mouth as soon as it parted my lips).  He laughed and continued the surgery.  “We all have rooms that we don’t go into, or avoid, for whatever reason” he said.  “It will become a priority when you make it a priority.”  Being a metaphor lover I got it right away and immediately said, “That’s a journal!”  How about you?  Is there something you’ve been avoiding, something that you’ve put on hold forever?  Let me know.  I’ll send Matt over.  Oh, by the way, keep your eyes open for my new products in 2015.  I’m heading Matt’s advice.  No excuses!

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