MJ had a Point!

December 9, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Michael Jackson challenged us to look at the man in the mirror.  And he wasn’t just referring to when we got dressed in the morning or when we needed to check our make-up.  The King of Pop was exhorting us to become more self-aware, to see what changes we needed to make for the better.  Well, it’s December 10th.  In 21 more days we’ll yell, Happy New Year!  This is typically the time when people become more reflective.  The media lends a hand by steadily reviewing the year’s highs and lows, births and deaths.  Here’s my three cents!  I encourage you to seriously assess where you are in life.  Are you happy?  Are you in the job you want?  Are you doing the things you love on a routine basis?  Are you around people who lift you up or tear you down?  Are you blaming others for where you are?  And do you practice what you preach and live what you give?  I challenge you to take Michael’s words to another level.  Don’t just look in the mirror.  Study the mirror.  Marinate on the mirror.  Do some serious self-assessing!  Stop with the excuses!  You’ve heard me say this before, but please listen more intently this time – “You’ll always get what you’ve always gotten, until you become the person you’ve never been.”  It’s time to become that person!

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