In A Perfect World…

December 4, 2014 in Jim's Journal

In a perfect world people would truly listen with three ears – the two on each side of their head and their third ear, their heart. 

We have PhDs in finishing peoples’ sentences.  We butt in while they’re talking.  We’re seldom empathetic and we already know what they’re going to say (at least we believe that we do).  How many times do people have to repeat themselves when they’re talking to you?  And don’t tell me you’re great at multi-tasking.  The person you’re talking to doesn’t get your FULL attention.

In a perfect world we would have far less meetings in the workplace.

I remember one of my clients asking her team, “What would you do if your house was on fire?”  Everyone had an urgent call to action response.  “Call the fire department.”  “Collect my belongings.”  “Get everybody out.”  She then said, “Well our house/department is on fire – we’re falling apart – and all we’re doing is having meetings and more meetings about what we need to do.”  Ouch and right on point.

In a perfect world we would love more and loathe less.

Paying it forward would be common place.  Donating to charities would be an everyday occurrence.  And the news would change its format.  During each 30-minute broadcast, we would have 25 minutes of positivity, then sports and the weather.  One minute of melancholy moments is more than enough for me.  People would stop hating and start hugging.

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