An Early Christmas Present

December 24, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Yesterday I attended my son, Ian’s, Christmas party at school. Yes, I did attempt to fit my big body into one of those tiny second grade chairs just for fun. The children had a ball, opening gifts, eating sweets and playing with all the technology that was in the room. These eight-year olds had almost as much technology in their room as I’ve seen in some corporate offices – wow! I ventured over to where Ian was; he was about to play the elf video game. It’s a game where the dancing Santa’s elf faces are blank and you select the faces you want to appear. There was a picture of all of Ian’s classmates, and himself, to choose from. I would have bet my life savings that he would certainly pick himself to be one of the four elves. He totally surprised me by selecting four of his friends. The teachers, almost in unison, all said, “Awwwwww, he didn’t pick himself, how nice.” How’s that for selflessness? Could we all afford to be a little more selfless in the future? Thank you for the pre-Christmas, Christmas gift “Man Man.” Love you!

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