November 17, 2014 in Jim's Journal

My family, my team and my friends are always encouraging me to take a timeout – to be still – to get some rest.  I used to think that timeouts and rest were overrated…that they were for people who made excuses or who underachieved.  I earned the nickname “Mr. Energy” for a reason.  I think Lionel Richie had me in mind when he made the song, “All night long.”  Guess what?  I’ve changed my mind and I’ve changed my tune!  Oh, don’t get me wrong,  no one is going to out-work, out-hustle or out-anything me.  I’m just going to get more rest.  Last week I really listened to my body and I really listened to the advice.  I took a timeout.  I facilitated a half-day teambuilding session on Monday in Hoboken, New Jersey, and then I lead my Present Like a Pro session on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning in Horsham, Pennsylvania.  After that I “Shut-It-Down” for the rest of the week.  This was a first for me!  My client in New York (who I was supposed to keynote for on Friday) said he understood and wouldn’t have a problem finding a replacement.  I believe in living my life OUT LOUD and full out.  I also believe in living, period!  Take better care of yourself and your health.  And if that means taking an extra timeout, then take it.  Trust me, I love JIMPACTing people, however, I love breathing just a tad bit more.

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