Still Avoiding Them?

November 10, 2014 in Jim's Journal

I know that there are people in our lives who suck the life out of every situation.  You would rather stick toothpicks into your eyes than sit next to them at a wedding reception, on a flight or at a meeting.  Yes, avoiding them is not all bad.  But they’re not the people I’m referring to in this journal.  I’m talking about the people who hold you accountable – the people who challenge you to take responsibility for your goals and dreams.  They stay on your case about writing that book, starting your own business or leaving that stressful situation.  They encourage you to go BIG!  They even remind you to practice what you preach.  Remember Jack Nicholson’s famous line in the movie A Few Good Men? It went something like this, “You want the truth – you can’t handle the truth.”  Spend more time with your accountability partners.  Their truth may set you free.

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