How Much Does a Draft Spot Mean?

November 24, 2014 in Jim's Journal

I’m a NFL nut.  I watch, talk about, listen to and read about professional football 13 months a year.  No, my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, has not won a Super Bowl trophy.  Nevertheless, when, not if, we do, we’re going to throw an unparalleled party that would make both Dick Clark and Don Cornelius proud.  Next to watching every game, every week, I especially love watching the draft.  Don’t puke.  Yes, I’m a draft junkie.  I’m that person who for three days follows every team and every pick.  The first round though, is the most intriguing – it’s when the best players are picked or are where they are supposed to be picked.  Every now and then, though, one of those best “perceived” players begins to fall (i.e., team after team passes on them and their name is not called).  The television cameras hone in on them, capturing and sensationalizing their disappointment.  The player attempts to put a “good face on” but you can tell they’re visibly shaken and extremely upset.  Geno Smith, quarterback for the New York Jets, who many thought would be a first round draft pick, wasn’t picked until the second round two years ago.  His mother had to talk him in to staying for day two of the draft.  He wanted to go home.  Would I be annoyed if I was a college football star and my draft stock plummeted?  Yes.  And I’d like to think that I would use it to fuel my “I’ll show you fire.”  No one’s opinion of me is ever going to become my reality.  My opinion of me is my reality.  It doesn’t matter where I start.  What’s most important is how I finish.  We have to stop focusing on where our name appears on the list; we can’t control that.  What we can control, however, is how we show up and how we blow up.

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