Don’t Let Them Off the Hook!

November 4, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Still babysitting?  Many in the training and development profession call themselves trainers, but I sometimes see more babysitting and hand-holding than I do training.  They don’t push or pull their learners.  They don’t put them in the “hot seat.”  And when their participants get a little emotional or uncomfortable, they take their foot off the gas.  Are you kidding me?  Show me the book, website, text or tweet that says learning is supposed to be easy.  Is life easy?  We certainly make it harder than it needs to be some time, but I’m talking about creating memorable experiences in the classroom not holding hands in a circle singing, “Kumbaya.”  Challenge your learners!  Get them emotionally involved.  Create risks.  And when they push back or get mad at you for putting them in their discomfort zone don’t back down.  I don’t.  They will thank you later.  I’ve had a number of participants who wanted to get a bucket of cold water and ice cubes, and then pour it on me.  Oh, well.  I will not be deterred.  I’m a speaker, trainer, coach, performance management consultant and transformer.  I’m not a babysitter.  How about you?

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