Jim’s Journal: Let it Go!

August 6, 2014 in Jim's Journal

When I played football as a youngster, all of my coaches would say, “You have to let it go,” referring to a “bad” play you just made.  If you missed a tackle,  block or got beat for a touchdown, they would insist that you immediately shake it off and get your head back into the game.  Lamenting on the sideline was not allowed.  And pity parties on the field were a no-no.  They wanted you to immediately focus on the next play.  I believe that way of thinking could benefit many of us today.  How many of us carry one “bad” play around with us for years?  How many of us never “shake it off” when something doesn’t quite work out for us?  Rather than let it go, we file it and save it.  Get your head back into the game (of life) while there is still time left on the (your) clock.


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