Jim’s Journal: Who’s in Your Corner?

July 21, 2014 in Jim's Journal

The proper training helps to prepare a boxer for the fight.  A sound and healthy diet will increase his chances for success too.  Throw in rest, video study and a positive mindset and the combatant should be ready for the fight, right?  There is, however, one key ingredient missing.  No, I’m not referring to his boxing gloves.  I’m talking about his corner (i.e., the people on his team who are there to support him during the bout).  His corner usually includes his trainer, cut-man and an assistant.  After every round he returns to his stool (in the corner) to get 60 seconds of support, coaching and encouragement.  Some corners have been known to throw in the towel if they felt their warrior was getting too battered.  And they’re the first ones to lift him on their shoulders after a victory.  I have a question for you.  Who’s in your corner?  Who has your back?  Do they know how to hold you and how to scold you?  Do they love you and shove you?  Here’s the BIG question.  Do you listen?  A stubborn, “Do it my way,” boxer usually gets beat up.  The same can be said about us.  Check out who’s in your corner.  Do they have both the will, and the skill, to help you become victorious (in life)?  Oh, one more thing – a reliable corner takes time to form.

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