Jim’s Journal: Triple A is the Best Way to Go!

July 17, 2014 in Jim's Journal

One of my favorite cards in my wallet is my Triple A card.  Yes, I’ve called for road-side service a number of times and the Triple A truck was always there within 30 minutes.  They are extremely reliable, regardless of the state I’m in or the weather conditions.  Trainers and facilitators should use the Triple A approach during their sessions.  Throughout the course of the workshop  continue to ask learners how they are going to Adapt, Adopt and Apply the information they’re being taught.  Trainers have a tendency to ask, “Are you with me?”  “Do you understand?”  Engage learners in situations and activities where you can observe them adapting, adopting and applying your message.  Evaluate them and provide praise and polish feedback  while they’re doing it.  Moreover, make sure their evaluation includes the question, “How are you going to adapt, adopt and apply your learning when you’re back on the job?”  Our job should be to change behavior and help with their transformation, not just show up and throw up content.  Right?  Oh, something tells me there’s a lesson in here for parents, too.

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