Jim’s Journal: The Game Went On!

July 7, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Growing up in West Philadelphia taught me a lot.  I learned the significance of being resilient and driven.  I also learned the importance of perseverance and passion.  Sports poured an additional ingredient into me – resourcefulness.  We never let the rain, snow or  frigid temperatures prevent us from playing.  When we didn’t have bases we drew them on the sidewalk or used trashcan lids.  No football?  That’s when a lot of aluminum foil came in handy.  No basket?  Can you say old tire?  Who needed a catcher when you could draw a square box on the playground wall?  We always found a way to play!  I’m sure that those days contributed greatly to who I am today.  I always look for a way to do what I do in a more meaningful, creative and productive way.  How about you?  When your organization says that they can’t afford to send you to training, do you find another way to develop yourself?  When you train the same audiences all of the time do you continue to use the same activities and exercises?  Do you let poor leadership melt your morale?  C’mon, be resourceful!  Be resilient!  Remember, the show must go on!


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