Jim’s Journal: Keep It and Them Moving

July 15, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Trainers, facilitators and speakers this journal is for you.  Remember, the sessions we lead are called workshops, not “sit shops.”  That’s right, I’m stepping on toes today.  I have observed, and have participated in, a number of sessions where the only person who gets the opportunity to stand and talk during the session is the trainer.  Stop!!!  Get your learners off their butts.  Keep them moving.  Keep changing things up.  Keep challenging them.  Keep creating “aha” opportunities.  Let them do some of the heavy lifting.  Your content may be amazing, however if you only serve it up one way (i.e., by lecturing), they’re going to miss a lot of it because they’re going to check out; their mind is going to wander.  And don’t blame them for falling asleep.  You gave them a reason to.

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