Jim’s Journal: I’m So…

July 31, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Last week on Facebook many people shared their, “I’m so…” and completed the sentence by sharing memories from their past neighborhood, childhood and teenage experiences.  I even wrote, “I’m so Philly that I remember singing the Bo Bo’s (sneakers) song.”  It went something like this:  “Bo bos, they make your feet feel fine.  Bo bos, they cost $1.99.”  I guess you’re wondering where I’m going with this journal.  Why don’t you take the “I’m So” professional/personal test below?   Provide your answers and send them back to me.  I’m going to compile your answers share them in next Thursday’s journal:


I’m so frustrated with my job I’m going to __________________________________________________.

I’m so tired of not being in shape I’m going to _______________________________________________.

I’m so sick of making excuses I’m going to __________________________________________________.

I’m so creative I’m going to______________________________________________________________.

I’m so blessed I’m going to ______________________________________________________________.

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