Jim’s Journal: Be Grateful During the Grind

July 14, 2014 in Jim's Journal

My friend and I were talking last week when he made, what I thought was, a very poignant point.  “Jim, I always hear people say that they feel so blessed when something wonderful happens to them, but I never hear them say how blessed they feel when they are going through it.”  I smiled and said, “You’re right…I think you’re on to something.”  I thought about his comment as I drove home that evening.  It reminded me of something I say during my personal power sessions, “It’s easy to cheer for the home team when they’re in first place, but true fans are there through thick and thin.”  Take a personal inventory.  When do you typically say, “I’m so blessed?”  No, this is not a journal dedicated to starting a church service.  I believe many of you got your church on yesterday.  But rather, it’s a journal to say, “Count your blessings every day, not just when you feel thankful or on top of the world.  Amen!

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