Jim’s Journal: Are You There to Learn or to Teach?

July 16, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Can you name one of the most challenging tasks for a trainer?  If you said, “Be a participant,” you’re right!  Trainers spend more time teaching than they do being taught.  And when being taught, they can be more frustrating than sitting on a plane, next to a screaming child, on the runway, for hours.  They like to teach from their seat, constantly raising their hands ready to provide their three cents.  They sit mentally critiquing, assessing and judging your content.  And they like to pull you to the side during breaks to offer feedback, provide coaching or to tell you how they would do it.   Remember, sometimes our jobs is to be the learner, the pupil, the Daniel-san.  And this extends beyond the training room.  This is a life lesson.  Sometimes when you’re being taught, just listen.  Be quiet!  Zip your lips!  Take it in!  Someone cannot pour into you if your lid is closed.  And if your teacher stops talking it  could be that they realize that they can’t get a word in or discern that you’d rather be talking than learning.  Just sayin’.

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