Jim’s Journal: Are You Leaking?

July 24, 2014 in Jim's Journal

When a car is leaking oil you can see it, and in most cases,  smell it.  Oil stains remain in the street, driveway or parking space after the car moves on.  Going up hills is more difficult because the car doesn’t have that push and kick.  Too much oil has leaked out.  People leak oil too – “life oil.”  And when they’re leaking you can tell.  They don’t move as fast.  They’re hesitant.  They look like they’re going to break down at any second.  Going up hills, or navigating life’s challenges, is particularly trying for them.  Listen, if you have a friend who’s leaking “life oil” take him or  her in for servicing.  Provide some love, encouragement, coaching and support.  And refill them with the quality “life oil”, not the cheap stuff.  They will run better, sound better and move quicker.

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