Jim’s Journal: Pick Your Battles

June 20, 2014 in Jim's Journal

I’m standing in the car rental line talking to the agent when a man comes out of nowhere, stands next to me, and begins talking to the agent.  I gave him “the look” but to no avail.  Next, a man standing in line (behind the rope), calls out a question to the agent.  In each instance the agent responded.  I was about to lose my mind, and my temper, when my brother, who was traveling with me, grabbed my arm and said, “It’s not worth it…relax.”  Something tells me that if he wasn’t with me I would have responded differently.  After a few minutes I did calm down and began to think about other things.  Message to you – CHILL!  Everything negative that happens to you is not worth putting on your boxing gloves for.  As a society we get agitated so quickly.  That’s right “Road-Ragers,” I’m talking to you, too.  The next time you’re about to blow your top, count to three and start singing Pharrell Williams hit song!


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