Jim’s Journal: Don’t Go There…WRONG! Do Go There and Often!

June 19, 2014 in Jim's Journal, Slider Features

I love telling stories during my workshops and motivational keynote presentations.  No, make that, I love re-living stories during my presentations.  Last week, after my session, a participant came up to me and said that he admired my story-telling ability.  He said that he felt like he was sitting right there next to me in 2012, at Richard Stockton College, in New Jersey.  He said it seemed so real.  I acted out every character and recreated every moment.  This is a lesson I’ve shared before in this journal and I believe that it’s worth repeating.  Re-live, not re-tell your stories.  That is, of course, if you want to have a greater impact on your listeners.  They will remember them for years.  Just ask the gentleman who approached me at my booth during last month’s ASTD Conference in Washington, DC.  He said he remembered my “first massage” story that I told in 2002 at the conference in New Orleans.


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