Jim’s Journal: Waiting for Another Storm?

May 12, 2014 in Jim's Journal

It happens over and over again.   The newscasters scare us with reports that there’s going to be a snow storm, blizzard (or the like).  We immediately rush to the supermarket to buy water, bread, food, shovels, ice and more.  Depending on the pending tsunami some of us buy generators.  After weathering the storm (and storing all of our leftovers) we go back to our everyday lives.  This is so comparable to how many of us DO live our everyday lives.  We go full out when there is an emergency or pending storm, but operate in neutral on most other days.  What do you think would happen if we put our pedal to the metal more often – you know, living with a sense of urgency?  Let me guess…you’re working on it, right?  OK, keep waiting for the storms.  One of these days the store shelves are going to be empty when you run in.  Just sayin’.


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