Jim’s Journal: Still? STOP!

May 30, 2014 in Jim's Journal

  • Still making excuses?

  • Still telling people what you’re going to do and then not doing it?
  • Still telling people that you’re a work in progress?
  • Still falling susceptible to that “thing” or “weakness” that takes your power away (or gets you in trouble)?
  • Still telling yourself that you’re just a “this” or a “that?”
  • Still not taking responsibility for being in a situation that drives you nuts?
  • Still waiting for him or her or the situation to change?
  • Still getting defensive when you’re called on your irresponsible or inconsistent behavior?
  • Still looking for an easy way out?
  • Guess what?  You STILL have time, beginning today, to change.  You’ll always get, what you’ve always gotten, until you become the person you’ve never been.  Go be that person!


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