Jim’s Journal: Light Bulb Moment!

May 19, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Trainers, speakers, educators, employers, mentors and parents all love light bulb momentsLight bulb moments are those times when the student (or person) gets it.  It’s when whatever you’ve been pouring into them finally sticks.  You can see it in their facial expression.  You can feel it in their new-found confidence.  You can also hear it in their words.  I had my own light-bulb moment last week – a different kind though.  I was sitting in my office, working on my computer.  I sat back to take a break and just happened to look at the ceiling.  Immediately my eyes rested on the light bulb that blew out several weeks ago.  I’d been saying that I was going to replace it but hadn’t.  What’s disappointing is that I’d gotten used to working in a darker room (and I love brightness).  How many of us are living in darker situations?  A “life light bulb” has blown out and we’ve grown used to things being that way.  After I finish writing this journal I’m going to Loews.  What about you?


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