Jim’s Journal: Best Presentation Ever!

May 8, 2014 in Jim's Journal

During my workshop, From Good to Great to GrandWays to Supersize your Platform Skills at this week’s ASTD International Conference and Exposition in Washington, DC, I used my Best Presentation Ever, opener.  At the session’s outset, I asked the participants to form groups of four (their Fab Four) and have each person make a 60-second presentation on the best presentation they ever made or saw.  The lone criteria was that their presentation was on the move (i.e., it was Memorable, Original, Visceral and Enthusiastic).   After each presentation they critiqued each other (providing praise and polish).  I then spent an hour providing tips, tools and techniques on how to supersize their presentation/platform skills.  Before concluding my session I gave them another crack at their “best presentation ever” presentation.  Nearly everyone was elated and surprised when they experienced the immense improvement from their first presentation.  The key was to go inside.  Training, speaking, facilitating and performing, in general, is an inside job.  If you go inside of yourself and pull out and use your passion, vulnerability, intensity, courage, humility and personal power, your results will go from good to great to grand!  I promise!


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