Jim’s Journal:When the Game Slows Down (Learning Your Role)

March 24, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Many would say that professional football is an extremely dangerous game.  Huge men collide, full speed, on every play.  Their goal is to hit and to hurt.  Quarterbacks will tell you though, that the game becomes easier for them once it slows down.  No, they don’t mean that the players begin walking over to the runner to tackle him rather than sprinting to him.  They mean that they begin to understand the game more.  They begin to read defenses and recognize coverages better.  They can smell when the blitz is coming and where it’s coming from.  The game doesn’t change but they do.  It’s the same for us.  We become better and more confident in what we do when we become more learned.  We take more risks and the payoff is greater.  In Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model he calls it moving from the Enthusiastic Beginner, to the Disillusioned Learner, to the Emerging Contributor to finally, the Peak Performer.  If the game is still moving too fast for you however, you may want to consider another sport.


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