Jim’s Journal: Work the Room!

March 18, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Still stuck?  Really, are you still stuck?  Most facilitators. trainers and speakers are.  They are stuck to the front of the training room.  They insist on doing most of their heavy lifting (i.e., presenting and training from the front).  They might venture to the right or to the left, but sooner, rather than later, they will end up front and center (their safety zone).  Can you say, “Predictable?!”  Why don’t we visit the sides of the room?  Have you ever presented from the back of the room?  Imagine that?  I begin sessions from the back of the room quite often to set the tone that this workshop is going to be different from others you might have participated in, in the past.  I love it when musicians leave the stage and come down and play awhile in the audience.  I feel the same way about speakers, singers and preachers leaving the platform, stage and pulpit to bring their words, lyrics and message even closer to their audience members.  As facilitators and speakers we have to stop being predictable.  We have to stop doing what everyone else is doing.  And we have to start looking for creative, fun, engaging and attention-grabbing ways to deliver our information.  And we can certainly start by working the room.


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