Jim’s Journal: Who Does the Majority of the Teaching?

March 4, 2014 in Jim's Journal

When it comes to our children, who does the majority of the teaching, us or them?  Years ago, I would have emphatically answered, “Parents do.”  Now, my opinion is starting to shift to the other side.  I’ve mentioned in my previous journals that my eight-year old son is on the autistic spectrum.  For most of his life he has been pretty non-verbal.  Over the past several years, however, he has learned to say words like:  mom, daddy (dad-dee), Lauren, Daecia, Jordan (his siblings), Ipad, remote, amen, please, I, want, school, eat and juice.  He can count to 20, say his ABCs and his home address very clearly.  He knows how to use an Ipad better than I do.  And last week, he READ his spelling words to me.  In terms of communicating, his non-verbal communication parallels to most peoples’ verbal communication.  Every day I learn something new from him.  He amazes me.  Like I asked at the outset, I wonder who’s really doing the teaching here?  He’s really showing me the power of doing more with less.  And he doesn’t complain or have pity-parties.  


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