Jim’s Journal: What Mark are YOU Hitting?!

March 26, 2014 in Jim's Journal

When I build competency models with my clients, we develop measurable behaviors to accompany each competency.  We then create three categories to determine if the behavior appears superlative, average or below average.  The three categories are Masters the Mark, Meets the Mark and Misses the Mark.  The competencies, behaviors and categories really help when developing staff members.  How about you?  Consider what you’re doing professionally AND personally.  Are you mastering, meeting or missing your mark?  Are you consistently creating memorable moments?  Are you routinely changing the game?  Are you known for producing incredible results and breakthroughs?  Oh, before I let you go, know that over time, what was once mastering the mark will fall into the meeting the mark category.  We have to keep raising the performance bar.

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