Jim’s Journal: The Common Denominator

March 6, 2014 in Jim's Journal

It’s you!  Did you hear me?  It’s you!  When you think about your past and present, and when you consider your ups and your downs, the one constant has been you.  Every relationship that you’ve been in that did not work out, although the players may have been different, you were there.  Every job that did not meet your expectations you were there too.  Every lap of your life you have been in the thick of things.  Since that is indeed the case, when things do not go the way you’d like, why do you look for the other person to change?  You will continue to attract and continue to create the same circumstances, until you change.  Your outcomes will continue to be the same, until you change.  You will continue to keep getting frustrated when “that” happens, until you change.  Can you say, “self awareness and blind spots?”  You can do the math.  If you’re going to reach your goals and change any situation that you’re in, you have to do the heavy lifting?  Why?  You’re the common denominator!

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