Jim’s Journal: Still Right-Fighting?

March 3, 2014 in Jim's Journal

In my book, The No Excuse Guide to Success:  No Matter What Your Boss or Life Throws at You, I dedicate a chapter to a behavior that many are guilty of – right-fighting.  In the book I write:  “When was the last time you were in a right-fight?  You know – one of those conversations (arguments, more often than not) that you somehow allow to devolve into a high-stakes, fight-to-the-death opinion battle.  If you happen to have a serious right-fight predilection, then my guess is that you’ve likely suited up to do battle with a wide range of people, including coworkers, friends, family members, airport check-in or gate staff, store clerks, and almost anyone else who happens to challenge your ‘rightness’ on a variety of subjects.”  I went on to write:  “If you are a right-fight warrior (or an occasional right-fighter) ponder these questions:  1)  Why is it so important for you to be right? 2) Why can’t you just ‘let it go’ and move on? and 3) Why is making your point so important that it overshadows everything else?”  I’m sharing this topic today because the right-fighter numbers are growing.  If you know anyone like this, please do your best to tell them, show them and model the impact of making peace rather than making points.  Their health, and maybe even yours, could depend on it.


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