Jim’s Journal: Get Your Dance On!

March 19, 2014 in Jim's Journal

The other night I ate dinner at a restaurant that featured a live band.  The band was off the hook!  Playing mostly jazz, they really got the room moving.  While I was dancing in my seat, one of the diners got OUT of her seat and moved to the front of the room, dancing like nobody’s was watching.  She had as much rhythm as a camel, but that didn’t deter her.  Others did not immediately join in.  My thinking was that they were enjoying her “Elaine imitation” too much.  Song after song disco Debbie got her dance on.  If she would have started twerking I would have stood up and gave her a standing ovation.  I loved her courage and I loved her enthusiasm.  She was having a ball.  Can we live our lives that way?  Sure!  Do we?  Not enough.  We wait for the perfect time, the perfect setting and for the “right” people to be in the room.  That’s way too many restrictions for me and probably for you too.  Beginning today, when you get into the office, get your dance on.  Move effortlessly throughout your day, not worrying about what others are thinking and feeling, and enjoy yourself.  That might lead to you doing it again, and again, and again….


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