Jim’s Journal: Drop in on Your Dreams

March 3, 2014 in Jim's Journal

If I believe I’m going to have a challenging session, I will occasionally use the “Eye Dropper” opener.  Never heard of it?  It’s when you put your participants into pairs, give them a nickel, a small glass of water and an eye dropper.  You then ask them, “Using the eye dropper and water, how many drops of water do you think you can put on the nickel before the water spills off to the side?”  Most people will guess somewhere between 10 and 25.  Encourage one of them to do the dropping and the other to be the “drop counter” and get them started.  In a little more than five minutes nearly everyone in the room is going to have an “OMG” stunned look on their face.  You’re going to hear people call out, “40, 50, 35, 70, 65,” and higher, indicating how many drops they were able to drop on the nickel before their first spill.  This exercise reinforces the power of overcoming doubt and moving into possibility thinking.  As trainers, speakers, facilitators and leaders we have to get our team members to abandon pessimistic thinking and fully embrace possibility thinking. Our minds control everything that we do.  When it comes to performance, we all benefit when they learn to “drop it like it’s hot!”

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