Jim’s Journal: Are You Ready to Rumble???????

March 31, 2014 in Jim's Journal

What do the locker room and back stage have in common?  It’s where the athletes and entertainers get ready before they go out and “do what they do.”  Athletes tend to listen to music, read, pray and meditate.  Entertainers do likewise.  No one wants to miss a play, an assignment or a beat.  Sometimes games, bouts and performances are made/nailed or won before the clock starts, the curtain opens or the bell rings.  What do you do with your locker room or back stage moments?  Every day we are on the verge of a breakthrough.  And every day, at some point, we are by ourselves, contemplating the best approach or the best strategy.  Essentially, we are back stage or in the locker room.  When you are “there” do you talk yourself into or out of an incredible performance?  Do you focus more on the obstacle or on the opportunity?  Do you think more about the problem or the possibility?  A lot of us are stuck in “the mean time” or neutral.  Going forward, while you’re in the “mean time” or back stage or in the locker room of life, think optimistically!  Imagine an awesome tomorrow.  Your best is yet to come…but you have to see it, feel it, sense it or believe it, first.  Get ready!  The curtain is about to open.  The game is about to start!


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