Jim’s Journal: They Become Who You Be!

February 11, 2014 in Jim's Journal

OK…all of you grammarians just chill!  I know that the title of this journal would not pass a white glove English literature test.  But if you can put aside, for a moment, how the sentence is constructed and focus on the essence of its meaning you will see how profound it truly is.  Mike Jones, one of my mentors, shared it with me for the first time in 2009 during one of his experiential leadership workshops.  What he was attempting to convey was that the people closest to you will mirror, and become, what you espouse and what you embody.  What people am I referring to?  Easy.  Your direct reports.  Your children.  Your significant other, etc.  I can go on.  Essentially, what I’m saying is, “walk and live your talk.”  Stand for something and be consistent.  More eyes are on you then you can ever imagine.  More ears are listening to you than you could ever fathom.  You probably forget things that you’ve said, but others remember – and they will remind you that you said it.  So erase the doubt and erase the indecision.  Be true to yourself and live, enjoy and savor every second.  No second-guessing.  If you are truly living the life that you want to live, so will they.


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