Jim’s Journal: Sniff! Sniff! Can You Smell It?

February 27, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Be honest.  You don’t have to admit it to anyone but yourself.  C’mon, fess up.  Have you ever smelled your slippers, shoes, sneakers or boots and wished that you hadn’t?  Or, have you ever walked by a pair of your slippers, shoes, sneakers or boots and decided immediately that it was time to put those puppies out of their misery?  Trust me on this one:  (a) they probably should have been put out of their misery long before you finally realized it, and (b) someone else felt the same way but didn’t say anything to you.  That’s the purpose of this journal.  No, not smelly feet.  It’s about our professional and personal development blind spots.  We don’t see them, or realize that they exist, and no one’s pointing them out.  Others attempt to give us the feedback but we don’t listen to them – we aren’t receptive to the feedback.  Here’s an opportunity for personal growth:  (a) start smelling your shoes more (only kidding), or (b) be more vulnerable and start asking for developmental feedback more often.  It will be like a breath of fresh air!

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