Jim’s Journal: Transfer that Energy!

January 22, 2014 in Jim's Journal

It snowed again in Philadelphia the other day.  We got a little over a foot.  I drove into the city, the day after the storm, for a dinner meeting.  On the way home I drove through south Philadelphia.  One of the unwritten rules in south Philly, after a snow storm, is, “Do not, I repeat do not, remove the lawn chair sitting in a vacant parking spot– someone has put the chair there after shoveling their car out of the snow and they want to park their care there when they return home.”  People who have broken this rule once have never broken it again.  Let’s just say, getting yelled at, beaten up or seeing their car severely damaged are just a few of the repercussions for disobeying the rule.  And I’m not kidding!  People in Philly take their “after snow storm parking spots” very seriously.  As a motivational speaker, I’m always looking for metaphors, illustrations and analogies.  I wonder how much different their lives would be if they took their career development and goal pursuit as seriously.  Suppose they attacked opportunities and setbacks with that same tenacity.  We tend to put the majority of our energy in those areas that we deem most important.  When we give the lame excuses, “I’m too tired,” or “I don’t have time for that,” or “I just don’t have the energy,” what we’re actually saying is, “That’s not really important to me.”  We do have energy, but where do we put it?  I’ll take dreams, goals and living my life OUT LOUD over parking spots any day!  Oh, by the way, what’s your parking spot?

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