Jim’s Journal: They Need to Hear You and Feel You!

January 30, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Yes, I’m a road warrior.  I seemingly use a hotel key more often than I use my house key – and this week wasn’t any different.  I spent four days with my client helping to facilitate a leadership workshop, train-the-trainer.  Each morning my wake-up call ended my dream.  Each morning I heard the ring, answered the phone and heard silence on the other end.  And each morning I stayed awake, and I stayed in bed for several more minutes.  I wonder if I would have jumped into my day if, upon picking up the phone, I would have heard on the other end, “Good morning Mr. Smith!  It’s time to spring into action and create a powerful day for yourself.  All the best!”  Now, the greeting didn’t have to be that hokey, but I think you see what I’m saying.  What’s my point?  Oftentimes when we’re presenting, teaching or talking, people hear us but they don’t feel us.  They don’t move into action as result of our admonition or advice.  Neither our energy nor our words move them to action.  They hear us but they don’t feel us.  Yes, I know, I know, they are responsible and accountable for their actions and results (no excuses), but why not provide some assistance?  When communicating we can be more passionate, more enthusiastic and more creative.  We can more earnestly share our message and share our thoughts.  Create moments that matter!

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