Jim’s Journal: The Club!

January 21, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Are you a member of the Club?  What Club?  The H.O.M. Club?  What’s the H.O.M. Club?  The Hard on Myself Club.  Never heard of it?  People in this Club are consistently hard on themselves.  They routinely find fault with something they do.  Whatever it is, it’s never good enough.  In their minds they could always do better.  They always find the blemish in what they did first when asked, “How did everything go?”   We live in a world of fault-finders, but they beat them to the punch.  Stop!  Enough already!  Love on yourself!  Take care of yourself!  Spoil yourself!  Spend more time celebrating what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t.  You’ll have a lot less stress.  Remember, we teach people how to treat us.  If we’re consistently throwing our character under the bus, what are we teaching others?  Oh, after you abandon this unproductive habit don’t forget to let go of the “worrying way too much about what people think about you” dilemma too.  You are in control of your joy meter!  Always!

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