Jim’s Journal: It Worked for Me, It Can Work for You!

January 27, 2014 in Jim's Journal

During my 14 years in corporate, I worked for three organizations: the Prudential Insurance Company of America (AARP Operations), the Vanguard Group of Investments, and CoreStates Bank.  While at Vanguard (from 1993 – 1996), I attended a workshop that helped shape my professional journey.  My manager, Kathy Cook, had everyone on her Career Development and Training team attend a session called Managing Your Career with POWER.  The two-day workshop was held on Vanguard’s campus and I loved every second of it.  The activity that had the greatest impact on me, though, was the “Vision Board Creation.”  It was the first time I had thought that deeply, thoroughly and intentionally about my professional future (before that it was just secure a good job).  We were tasked with taking a sheet of paper and “drawing” what we saw ourselves doing five, ten years in the future.  I drew a picture of a plane circling a globe, indicating that I wanted to travel around the world.  I drew a microphone (and a stick man – me), symbolizing the speaking career I wanted to pursue.  I drew books, anticipating that I would one day be an author.  I also drew a television set and a studio audience.  We’ll see how that evolves.  We then had to present our visions to the rest of the attendees.  Nearly everything that I drew that day in 1994 has come to fruition and I’m living my life OUT LOUD!  This activity worked for me and it can certainly work for you!  Keep me posted!

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