Jim’s Journal: Day 5 – NO BLAME

January 3, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Today I own my choices.  No Excuses!

Did you think that I was going to take a day off today?  I know it’s Saturday and I knew you were still going to check your email today.  This is a 21-Day (straight) No Excuse Challenge (no timeouts and no breaks).  Now, if I took a couple of days off that would be an excuse, right?  Today’s journal highlights a game many excuse-makers play – and play often.  It’s called the “Blame Game.”  The way this game is played is as follows:  if something is not working in your favor, you blame something or someone for being responsible for contributing to your dilemma.  Wait, it gets better.  When someone gives you feedback on why you’re in this “place,” unfortunately, a familiar one, rather than listening to the helpful feedback, you begin to start looking for what’s wrong with him/her.  “How can they conceivably help me when their life is not a bed of roses?” you think.  You shift the focus from discussing your pain to running them through your own personal “white glove test.”  This has to stop!  Today!  No excuses!  Day 5 of the Challenge is about focus and vulnerability.  I know you can do it!

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