Jim’s Journal: Are You Just Checking the Box?

January 26, 2014 in Jim's Journal

Organizations oftentimes bring in trainers and consultants to provide a training course so that they can say, “We did it,” and check it off their list.  Many of us in the learning and development industry call this “check off training.”  The company has no plans for following up, measuring the program’s effectiveness, or building sustainability.  And in most cases, the organization experiences very little change.  Next, there are the companies that are serious about seeing behavioral change but they say, “We can’t afford to take our people out of the field or off the phone for that long – the work has to get done.”  As a result their employees attend “show up and throw-up presentations” and mini-trainings, again, so that leadership can check it off the list.  Nothing changes!  Guess what?  We do the same thing everyday.  We say we’re serious about improving our lives but we don’t put the work in.  We do juuuuuuuust enough so that we can place a check next to that “to-do” on our list.  We don’t spend the quality time that’s needed to make the change.  We don’t build sustainability nor follow-up plans.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that we create goal sheets, vision boards and bucket lists; but do we go after the items on those lists with a vengeance?  “Check off training” or “check off living” bares little fruit.  We have to stop merely going through the motions.  We have to stop just checking the box.  We have to totally, and very intentionally, immerse ourselves in our pursuits.  Do you want a sign for when you know you’re on the right path?  You’ll start to feel uncomfortable.  Your “life stretch-marks” are starting to form.

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