Jim’s Journal: Bring the Holiday Spirit to the Classroom!

December 11, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Are you entertaining guests and family members at your home this holiday season?  Buying that extra gift to put under the tree?  Cooking up a feast?  Ready for fellowship, huge smiles, and exchanging well-wishes?  Me too!  Question.  Can we bring that same spirit and energy to our training sessions?  Absolutely!  The learners who come to our sessions are our guests.  Jim’s Training Gem Number One is “Your room is your residence.”  You’re responsible for creating an empowering and spirited environment and atmosphere.  We should always bring something extra to our participants’ learning experience – something that they did not expect to receive.  And we should always be cooking up special ways to make the information stick.  Moreover, our learners should never leave without fellowshipping, smiling and exchanging well-wishes.  As trainers, speakers and facilitators, our job is to provide information that can improve performance.  Our job also involves creating and building relationships and sending our participants off wanting more – just like when we entertain during the holidays.

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